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Coventry Health Insurance

Coventry Health Insurance offers the cheapest and most affordable comprehensive individual and family health care rates and benefits in most states. Get a quote and apply online!
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Coventry Health Insurance Map

Coventry Health Insurance Map

Discover what makes Coventry One® insurance coverage a smart choice!

The Coventry One family of brands is health coverage for individuals and family with a variety of affordable options that makes it easy to choose a plan that's comfortable for you.

Coventry One is underwritten and administered by Coventry Health Care, Inc. And since Coventry One is a product of Coventry Health Care, Inc., an established and respected Fortune 500 company, you know your insurance individual and family coverage will be there for you when you need it. You'll get the best chcga rates and benefits!

Coventry Health Care is a national managed health care organization operating health plans, insurance companies, network rental/managed care and workers’ compensation services companies in Georgia. We offer afforable chcga insurance rates, benefits and plans for:

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Coventry Health Insurance
The Best Health Insurance Coverage!
CVTY-HealthInsurance®, is an authorized independent agent of Coventry Health Care offering you a wide range of affordable individual, family and group insurance plans and options. By law, you will get the same lowest CVTY rates offered online by us, an insurance company or from your local agent. So let's get started! Get Health Coverage!