4 Best Calf Reduction Exercises

Calf muscles are the group of muscles that are probably less of a concern with the bodybuilders, as evidenced by the fact that when I go to the gym most people practice thighs or more. Even PT, too, their bodies are big but their legs are small. Looking quite funny. The practice of getting bigger calves will help your body ratio be more beautiful, more balanced.

In this article, we would like to send you 4 calf reduction exercises to become the most effective and should be added to your leg training.

4 Best calf reduction exercises for beginners

1. Donkey calf raise

Calf Reduction Exercises 1, Donkey calf raise
Donkey calf raise

2 sets – 30 minutes each break

This exercise is originally a piggyback exercise to practice, but if you do not have a piggyback, you can do the following yourself.

  • At the gym there is a type of exercise machine for the calf, go into it to use
  • After placing the tip of the foot on the pedal (The rest is not on the pedal)
  • The first 10 you will put your toes facing the ceiling
  • The next 10, you turn your toes together
  • The last 10 turned the toes
  • 1-minute break to do more inning

2. Seated calf raise

Seated calf raise
Seated calf raise
  • This exercise is similar to the exercise above. Start sitting on the machine and put your thigh under the support pad, 2 handles on the handle, put the foot of the foot on the foot.
  • And every 10 iterations, you replace the foot position as above. make 2 sets, 30 pieces each.

3. Calf press on the leg press

Calf press on the leg press
Calf press on the leg press
  • We will use a leg press to exercise the calf. instead of putting your whole foot on the machine, you just need to put half a foot up.
  • To practice with the leg press, after putting your foot up, tilt your toes first, then press with your heels to push them up.

Attention: only choose the right weight, heavyweights can cause serious injury.

4. Standing calf raise

Standing calf raise
Standing calf raise
  • Prepare a platform that is about 0.5 feet high. 2 dumbbell dumbbells or blow dumbbells.
  • Place your toes on a raised platform, heel touching the floor, hands holding dumbbell or shoulder strap if using a barbell.
  • Use your heels to lift up and down. In this lesson, you guys just need to practice straightening your toes and back and forth.

Do not forget that after every workout requires protein supplementation, the calves can be enough nutrition to grow.

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