High cholesterol, what to eat and what to abstain?

Fats are the common name for blood lipids, including many different components, the most important of which is cholesterol. Increased blood fat causes many dangerous cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke… The high cholesterol foods diet is very important, helping people with high blood fat to effectively control the disease.

High cholesterol foods
High cholesterol, what to eat, and what to abstain?

Many people still think cholesterol is a bad component in the body, which is the cause of many diseases. In fact, cholesterol is very important for the body is present in many parts such as cell membrane structure, precursors to make vitamin D and some hormones, which help us develop and function healthily.

Cholesterol only becomes harmful when there is a disorder between cholesterol types. Since it is a water-insoluble fat, cholesterol and fats such as triglycerides must be combined with a water-soluble substance, lipoprotein, to move easily in the blood.

Therefore, when testing blood cholesterol in addition to total cholesterol, people also analyze cholesterol according to the type of lipoprotein, including 2 important types are LDL-c (low-density lipoprotein) ‘bad fat’ and HDL-c (high-density lipoprotein) ‘good fat’. Fat increases when LDL-c increases and HDL-c decreases.

Another important component of blood fat is triglycerides, also known as triglycerides, which play an important role as the source of energy and transporting fats during metabolism. But if the index increases, it will cause atherosclerosis. Increased triglycerides are often seen in people who are obese, inactive, diabetic, drink a lot of alcohol, and smoke a lot. People with this increase often have an increase in total cholesterol, an increase in bad LDL cholesterol and a reduction in good HDL cholesterol.

High blood fat, if not treated promptly, blood fat deposits in arteries causing atherosclerosis, even suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke …

High cholesterol, what to eat?

Diet has an important role in controlling blood fat and reducing symptoms of high cholesterol. To reduce the amount of fat in your blood, you should start with a diet. The following foods are good for people with high blood fat:

1. Fiber and vitamins

Fiber plays an important role in regulating blood dysfunction, which partially removes fat and cholesterol absorbed into the body. When high blood fat, should add more fiber in vegetables, tubers, fruits …

In addition, people with high cholesterol also need to increase vitamin supplements – an important factor to help reduce cholesterol levels. Some foods rich in fiber and vitamins are especially good for people with cardiovascular diseases such as green vegetables, bean sprouts, apples, mushrooms and onions …, whole grains …

2. Unsaturated fatty acids have many double bonds

Several studies have shown that polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 not only reduce cholesterol but also help prevent cardiovascular disease, and help regulate blood. pressure. Therefore, to improve high cholesterol, pay attention to many types of fish and vegetable oils contain many unsaturated acids.

Eat fish 2-3 times a week, use peanut oil, olive oil instead of fat, eat oily seeds such as peanuts, sesame, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds, fish to provide fatty acids. no more double connection.

3. White meats

Use white meats like chicken, duck, and swan – foods that contain low cholesterol instead of red meats that are high in cholesterol.

4. Drink a lot of water

Water plays an important role in the excretion process, whereby toxic substances are removed from the body. Therefore, people with high blood fat should pay attention to drink enough water to purify the body.

5. High blood fat, should fasting?

Salt restriction: Salt should be reduced to less than 5g / day by avoiding powdered salt, limiting salt use in cooking by choosing fresh foods, avoiding processed and canned foods.

People with high blood fat should limit to the maximum use of alcoholic beverages. Limit drinks and sugary foods, especially soft drinks. Do not smoke or avoid exposure to tobacco smoke.

Pay attention to restricting cholesterol-rich foods at every meal, especially the brain, oval, liver, animal organs. Do not eat more than 2 eggs a day because egg yolks are rich in cholesterol. People with high blood fat need to reduce the red meat content during meals because it is one of the foods high in cholesterol. In addition, it should also limit the type of fat meat, ribbed meat, animal skin …

Saturated fats not only increase cholesterol levels but also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the use of saturated fat foods such as fats, butter, and broths should be restricted in the diet of patients with blood fats.

Limit late night dinner: Late evening is the time when energy is consumed at least during the day. Eating too late for dinner can cause your cholesterol to keep up, which can’t be digested, settling in the artery walls. This condition can cause atherosclerosis for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to arrange an early dinner time, combined with moderate exercise to fat intake.

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